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HoLEP Log: What did you experience pre and post-op?

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End of week (9 days as of today) post HoLEP procedure. May 2 (day of surgery) to May 11. Age 61, 105cc prostate, general anesthetic with propofol and rocuronium and gas inductions. I live alone and have taken care of all of my own needs. American in Barcelona, Spain.

Not as much incontinence as I expected. I can stop the stream at will and resume.
If I am full, some tiny dribble-squirts in my light underwear pad. Nothing dramatic enough to immediately swap out for a new one.
The first day post procedure while still in the hospital, I was left alone after catheter removal to pee.
I was taken aback that I was literally getting an erection. This ability has not stopped.

First week at home:
Bed rest.
Consuming high fiber foods, taking Augmentin 500/125 for 7 days. I finished as of Thursday May 9.
Urine started out as dark cranberry-color, but throughout the week later in the day appears normal in color.
At times there is a little stinging at the tip of my penis, but I found that pushing my lower abdomen out to force a stronger stream- I'm talking garden hose- settled the sting. The sting goes away completely by midday.

Note: I keep a large 8 liter water bottle near my bed to pee in while I am in bed so I can get back to sleep. I can also examine it upon morning for color. I see scabs and little clots at the bottom, the color is like a rosé wine, but this is due to dilution from nocturia multiple. Today's scab that was sloughed off was approximately 3 cm in length.

There has been urge frequency, but I prefer not to hold it in since I want to eliminate the antibiotic and any clots / scabs that may be there. If I am out, and experience the urge, I am able to hold it until the urge settles and I pee comfortable at home.

This week I did a test for erectile function. Too soon for this, but I felt compulsive and really need to be patient.
While stroking I discovered that a pre-semen fluid was coming out of my penis. I don't understand why, unless 1) the surgeon did a "partial enucleation," leaving enough gland behind, or, 2) it is traces of semen emerging through the urethra. My follow-up and cytology discussion with the surgeon is June 3.
Orgasm was achieved, yet it wasn't as fulfilling as when semen flows outward. The nerves in the urethra aren't registering the sensation of ejaculation and this could be that "thing" that is "missing." Instead of semen, it was a few shots of urine, not as comfortable since my urine PH is likely more acidic due to the antibiotic. Not the same. Neither would I care to ejaculate urine with a partner. I'm hoping this ceases at some point.

Presence of frank to light blood at the beginning of the day is present at the beginning of the stream, but quickly runs clear- normal in color. This could originate from the bladder and descend to the prostate capsule or an accumulation solely in the capsule.

I am resuming bed rest with occasional excursions to the market for supplies. No bearing of heavy weight, or extreme bodily movement. I have cabin fever, I am pale from lack of sunlight, but it will be a little time after taking Augmentin that I will be having any prolonged exposure to UV light.

I am very pleased with this outcome so far, the rate and pace of healing, all seem within textbook norm for the most positive outcomes and I would recommend this to any man facing surgery. I would have had the P.A.E. if it was offered here in Barcelona, Spain, under the socialized healthcare scheme; I had to demand HoLEP because I wanted to avoid blood transfusion risks. With a 105cc-sized prostate at age 61, under the extreme stress and elevated cortisol, I would eventually have it all removed for the factor of regrowth.

So far, so good.

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I had semen coming out just thinking about sex. I didn't have to touch it
at all. This happened pretty early on after the procedure I think it was
like, 3 weeks. At one point I could actually get a teaspoon of semen out.
That's not the case now, however the organs are much better.
Like I said in my earlier post I have no regrets. I'm still amazed that I
can go to the bathroom without the extreme stress I had pre-op.

Orgasms not organs