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Life after prostate cancer

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Thanks for joining our group. There are a lot of wonderful men and women who contribute to this group and will cheer you on on your journey. Regarding the AUS my surgeon and I discussed this at length as an option if I couldn’t not regain continence. While I wasn’t looking forward to another surgery I was committed to getting one if need be. Fortunately, I have not needed one. Based on your comments, I think an AUS would be very helpful and help you regain a better quality of life. I have no doubt that there are some exceptional surgeons at Mayo that can perform the procedure.

Sorry to hear of your wife’s poor health. I wish you both the very best on your journey together.

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I believe my Mayo surgeon is one of the best. I put the operation on hold. I can not afford any down time. Concerns I have are how reliable is the equipment? Might I need additional surgeries? How comfortable is it to use? My testing revealed a hyperactive bladder. Am I going to be going pee with so much urgency that it makes it useless? Does it still leak? Especially with urgency. Does it effect sexual activity(assuming I have any).? My condom catheter does not have any of those problems. Problems I have are inconvenience. I also have stripped all the pigment off my penis from the adhesive. I did Kegel exercises in the beginning . Did I give up to soon? The condom cath lets it free flow. Would kegels still help? Testing revealed I have a pretty good muscle when I hold it. It just releases when I am not.

My wife has GBM . We are on hospice. But thanks.