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My apologies. I didn’t realize I didn’t explain what it is. It is a tube the body forms between the old stomach and the pouch that was created as the new stomach. The food was dumping directly to the other stomach and dumping directly to the large colon. Thus I was starving due to malnutrition. Sorry I’m trying very hard to forgive and forget. It’s not going well. As I have at least for me 2 more surgeries. One to clear the way so they can get into my body to check on me. I feel as if I have a colonic fistula to my bladder. Symptoms: urine same color as feces at times. No urge to go poop but when I urinate mid stream I have to shut it down and sit down to poop but only to fart. Nearly every time I urinate.
Which after 2 years of waiting for skin removal I have to continue the wait as that was scheduled for the end of this month. Plastic surgery wants nothing to do with me. I can’t blame them. It’s just the on going SAGA… Am I depressed no. I’m totally done with all my pain and symptoms and suffering I’m human. I have thick skin and Broad shoulders but even the Fitzpatrick Bridge Was Shoved down!!! I’m a tough guy. I even broke 4 Ribs in 6 places and sprained my clavicle then rode my dirt bike back through the woods last year and didn’t go to the ER until the NEXT day to find all that out!!
I’m tired and have been backed into a corner. Again I apologize if I come across as gruff as I am. I’m Not a bad guy just in a Bad Spot.

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Thanks for additional information, I had not heard of that complication. Whenever you have surgery they list all the complications, maybe they mentioned it, just do not remember.

Did some research and based on studies, it occurs in 1.3 to 6% of RNY surgeries. Does not matter how rare, if you happen to be one of patient who has problem.

What type of surgery are you having to repair?