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Sounds like they want patients with least problems and symptoms instead of patients that keep getting worse and keep having added symptoms. Patients that can’t go to work anymore or even be alone to live their normal lives. I know everyone needs answers and help but that’s just it, “everyone” involved needs help. We are all desperate and I feel like this isn’t being taken seriously. People are ending up so very sick and homeless with no sopport from even family and friends. People think patients are lying and just going crazy and leave them alone and scared. This is bringing suicide because of Covid sadly happening more and more!!! But you see nothing nationally being said out loud about this so loved ones know this is real and your loved ones news you so very much. They are not lying. Now going crazy? Maybe. What if you were this person feeling like your slowly being torched and you honestly feel like your going to die. I got Covid in Jan 2022. I had just recently got out of a long not good marriage after 25 yrs and back to being around family and allowed to have friends. Time to finally learn happiness, right? No!! Everyone I finally had back in my life left me. Nobody cared to go to doctor visits or believe me with the things I was feeling. All those loved ones helped to worsen my situation and life by telling everyone, even my job that I’ve lost my mind and am going crazy. Made up lies even for people to believe lies they knew nothing about. For this isn’t something the nation stressed to the public to listen, help and understand what’s going on with your loved ones. So on top of feeling full body severe pain and some now your looked at as a crazy person and now totally alone and just lose the feeling of love and the urge to live. The last year my symptoms just keep getting worse. I keep getting added symptoms. I couldn’t continue working my job I’ve been at for 25 yrs. I’ve seen many doctors. I’ve taken many tests. Acouple months ago I was diagnosed with long covid and severe fibromyalgia at Cleveland Clinic. But still nothing to help me. Started aquatic PT but it isn’t helping. Seems to stiffen and hurt more instead of loosen up. My legs have almost gave out just walking to my car afterwards. And with the doctors not knowing what to do specially me with having so many ongoing symptoms, I keep going to all these appointments racking up so much money in medical bills as they practice on me and I can’t even pay them so what’s going to happen here? Something has got to be done here. I’m about to lose my house with nowhere to even go or anyone caring to help take care of me because “I’m crazy, and called a liar”. And it’s funny bc these people will say I’m a totally different person! Well yeah I am. Your a worse person when your heart has been completely broke by people you thought loved you. Now your a “worse” person over something you never asked for and wouldn’t wish alone anyone! So again, why do doctors only want to help some???

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You''re so right. With so many people living with long COVID, medical professionals are building a broader and deeper knowledge and understanding of the impact of the virus and how to help improve symptoms. Unfortunately, research and solutions always lag behind the need. But work is being done.

You are not crazy. And long COVID is not in your head. Luckily more academic medical centers and medical professionals as well as the public understand this.

In your pursuit to finding answers, I encourage you to participate in the Post COVID Recovery support group here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/post-covid-recovery-covid-19/