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Radio frequency ablation in liver Mets

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I have a question.
If u had liver nets, that means you were stage 4. And u were still allowed surgery. Is that because no arteries were involved? For me, Chemo and high dose radiation has stopped/shrunk the primary pancreas tumor and no new growth has been seen in several months. I have one very small met on my liver. I am stage 4 but with artery involvement so unfortunately no surgery for me. I will have Y 90 this month because the liver tumor is near my stomach and it sounds like no one wants it to possibly spreading that direction. My hope is this will allow me a break from chemo. Is that realistic? Has anyone had long term success with this procedure?

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Hii. My father also had an artery involved during the initial diagnosis. But it had not spread anywhere else. Still most of the doctors had already said no for surgery. But then we met one of the best surgical oncologist in India who specialises in Whipple surgeries. He advised us for 12 rounds of chemo. The tumor responded a bit after 8 rounds of chemo and so we continued for rest 4 rounds after that. After completing all the chemo cycles he went for surgery. The doctor said it was a very difficult case but it did go well.
Usually they say if surgery goes well the remission period is long. But it was our bad luck the disease came back within 7 months of surgery and this time in liver. This time doctor gave us the option of RFA and chemo as treatment.
Rest is upto Almighty!!