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Prolia black box warning?

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This is an update to my too long saga of "Coming off of Prolia".
After much research and discussion with all specialists and G.P. the dec ision was made to go to Forteo. My drug insurance company, Canada Life would only cover the biosimilar, Osnuvo.
So with great anticipation , I commenced this on Monday evening the 22 April.
Initially, I experienced the expected headache and light-headedness, which can occur during the first "several days".
Yes, I had light headedness, and a slight headache. So, no driving, stayed at home, lots of rest...
Then, on Friday, I was taken out for a light lunch - my first outing.. all was well, until one hour past and the light headed-ness returned and quickly increased until I realised I was in trouble. I was brought home and lay down... but soon I could not raise my head without this symptom, my headache worsened and when the ambulance arrived my blood pressure was also found to be "unstable" [ worst reading was 192/71, with irregular heartbeat- my normal is 110/60 ].
Conclusion from ER: Stop Osnuvo. Commence Sero. See prescribing physician on Monday.
Two things: Important to point out that I often have had weird and extreme reactions to medications. This reaction is "rare". [lucky me!]
Also, in the Patient Education paper, it clearly states "if dizziness or headache increases, to seek medical care immediately".
So now, I will return to the doctor on Monday and will need to start on another drug to prevent re-bound.
So, the story continues.
Thanks again to those who have followed this adventure.

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@thisoldewe are you jumping off Prolia (3 shots total?) directly to FORTEO?

Hi Christine,

So sorry to hear of your adverse reaction to Osnuvo. I pray you will have success with your next med. As you must be close to or past 6 months since your last Prolia shot, you may want to consider taking an anti-resorptive like Fosamax just to buy some time and stave off any possible rebound effect if there is going to be delay in starting on your next med. Note though that you should check that you do not have GERD issues or any of the contraindications mentioned in the leaflet