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Hi @thankful,
I moved your message to the Digestive Health group to connect you with other members who have experience with Crohn's -- either themselves or a family member. @bonitav @mswanda @kaycigirl @judylindholm @gillyk14 please meet @thankful, who has some questions about managing Crohn's disease.

@thankful - I'm glad that you've found another doctor. How long has your wife been on Remacaid since she returned to taking it. Is her gastroenterologist confident that the Remacaid can get her back to being almost without symptoms as she was before?

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Hi Coleen, She has been on Remacaid for 2 1/2 yrs. since then. This Dr. had also had her on a lower dose and also on a drug called Uceris. She was having some strong side effects from that drug where she often had confusional episodes especially in the evening like she had been drinking and she had not? She was taken off this drug and the Remacaid dose was increased and as I said other than some morning issues she has been back to doing well. I have some concerns from the long term effects of Remacaid, but it is providing the help that my wife desperately needed and I guess that's what really matters. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

@thankful, I'm not sure why some doctors think it's necessary to change treatment plans/medications that work unless there is a really good reason to do so (like new evidence of risks related to a specific drug, etc.). As long as the Remicade is working fairly well, and your wife is happy with the results, it seems like a reasonable idea to stay the course. As informed patient/couple, you can stay abreast of the medical information on long-term use of Remicade and other drugs/treatments. Some people stop responding to a biologic like Remicade after a period of time and *then* switch to another (like Humira, for example); while, everything I've read suggests that it's not generally recommended to start/stop a biologic drug without good reason, as that may impact drug efficacy in the future. Hoping your wife continues to respond well to treatments.