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The first ER visit, just did labs and put foley 16 and bag. Discharged him home with antibiotic. Also, make an appt. to see his PCP. The next morning my brother calls me, He says, Dad urine looks red in the bag. Send him back to the ER I'm on my way. But he won't go, until I get there to go with him. I'm retired from the medical field 29 years. Get there, I read over his discharge paperwork from the night before. The 2nd ER visit, his catheter was killing him pain level at 12. Now labs shows Acute kidney injury. Still no x-rays only an ultrasound for placement of the catheter. The second ER doctor reviewed records from the last visit change him to a 22 foley added Flomax 0.4mg and sent him home. I had so many questions. Two days later after Christmas he see his PCP who was given copies of his medical records from both ER trips. Get all the questions, Because now I have gone through the same records. Who was directing his DM 1 on metformin 2000md daily for the past year? Did this cause his Urine retention? Since when did he have a prostate problem? ect... and every time the doctor said iI don't have those records. BAM here your copy. But when I requested clotrimazole and betamethasone cream for his penis. He wanted to see what the Urologist would say. What??? The day he was to sed the specialist, he had a seizure and rushed to ER in Newport Beach, Dx with Hypoglycemia of 30 and alter mental status. I need to stop here I'm getting upset. Forgive me..

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No need to apologize. I understand completely. My ER visit was my worst nightmare. Nine hours to ultimately have a Foley put in. I’m not sure the EMT gal even used lidocaine lubricant. Five days of torture. They were supposed to refer me to a urologist, but when I called, Doc was out of town. As a new patient, they told me I couldn’t be seen for two weeks. I finally had to go to PCP to have Foley removed. Some of the worst pain ever. I still have soreness in urethra.