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Prolia black box warning?

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Good Morning,
This is my update on my progress following my GP appointment of yesterday.
Today, I will get my Osnuvo medication, and will commence on Saturday morning! Insurance coverage for the drug cost is AOK, and bone density ordered.
On the issue of getting the baseline bloodwork of the CTX and P1NP, I was told that "since my osteoporosis is not a result of metabolic disease, these tests are not necessary." It is felt that my problem is due to the heavy overuse of Prednisone for about 15 years [which stopped 6 years ago when I moved to this part of the country.]
Osnuvo is the approved biosimilar for Forteo, [which my drug insurance company had denied.]
Also, I asked the pharmacist about 'Gemlife' as suggested by my Connect buddy in India. Apparently, this drug is "not for Canada, only for overseas". [there is no doubt a long story of the whys and wherefores on that topic - but that's for another time]
So, I am relieved to be at this point. This was a struggle after being so ill for so long. It seemed a long process of consolidating my doctors and doing the research on all things. This would not have been possible without the wonderful support and high calibre information and suggestions from my 'learned" Connect buddies. I would not have accomplished this without you.
I thank you all so much.
Sending my best to all for continued success on this long road!

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Hi Christine,
Great to hear that you are finally making progress on exiting Prolia! Many here have had good results from Forteo.
Yes, Connect is wonderful - i just wished i had gone on it before starting my Osteo meds! You will find many discussions on Forteo which will help to guide you as you start on this med
Do continue to keep us updated
All the best to you and everyone here!