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After knee replacement surgery

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Same here. The other knee needs to be done but I’m not going to go through that, at least unless it becomes unbearable at a later stage. I’m 62.

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That is why i tried stem cells. Its expensive but no pain and no hospital stay and no p/t, it was worth the chance. So far so good. If i wan't so darn active acting like a 50 year old instead of 77 year old it would probably be better. As i tell people i shoot my age in golf, had a hole in one, bike 10 miles a day and do a lot of gardening.
I read of the people who talk of cost, but i weighed my options. In fact the hospital promedica is now giving their employees discounts to do stem cells.

My husband's golf buddy, who is in his 50, had his left knee replaced in November 2017. His employer has very good health insurance. He was able to go to the best surgeon who is good in robotic knee surgery! He had no problems with his TKR by the robot and only a few months he was able to play 2 round of 18 holes of golf in one day! He kept saying he wish he had it done sooner because he had endured 5 years of knee pain whenever he played golf. I don't think Medicare will pay for robotic knee replacement?