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Sex after Holep?

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Give it time. I just past week 9 and my orgasms are mostly dry, but the intensity is close to post op level. I say close because I always feel like somethings missing. It most likely is psychological -- it always came out the other way. The sensation of semen shooting back into the bladder is gone. I believe, and may be the same for you, that the semen never reaches the bladder and ends up being contained within the urethra. I've never noticed cloudy urine, but I have urinated it out, usually in small globs.

I didn't stop noticing faint blood drops until around week 8. So I've been blood free for a week. I'm also on blood thinners, which extends my time to clot.

I still occasionally get sharp shooting pains from my rectum to the end of my penis. I also noticed that if I push to hard to urinate I will cramp.

Also, if I ingest too much salt before bed ---2 -3 hours, the salt will delay my ability to start a stream quickly. Instead of 5-10 seconds, its more like 30 seconds. That pattern continues thru out the night until the next day when I drink plenty of water to flush it out.

I am still getting up 2-4 time a night for bathroom breaks, which I'm not complaining about since I was getting up 8- 30 time per night post op.

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If your interested in how I progressed, I started a blog called "HoLEP Log; What was your Pre and post op experience" . I cover a brief before surgery and log my experiences since surgery.