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Sex after Holep?

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nabulldog, thank you for your comment - it gives me something to, uh, shoot for. (Maybe I just should say it gives me hope.) I'm 60, had Holep a month ago, high bladder neck, very small prostate (40 grams), and apparently had hundreds of prostate stones removed. (Which is unusual.) I was prepared for the retrograde ejaculation, as my surgeon had explained it would happen, but not for the exact experience you describe on your first ejaculation. It felt like someone trying to force toothpaste back into a tube. "Burning, throbbing and cramping" is just what happened. I reported it to my surgeon, who seemed to not have heard of such a thing before, so a) I'm glad to know it's happened to other people and b) that you have improved.

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Give it time. I just past week 9 and my orgasms are mostly dry, but the intensity is close to post op level. I say close because I always feel like somethings missing. It most likely is psychological -- it always came out the other way. The sensation of semen shooting back into the bladder is gone. I believe, and may be the same for you, that the semen never reaches the bladder and ends up being contained within the urethra. I've never noticed cloudy urine, but I have urinated it out, usually in small globs.

I didn't stop noticing faint blood drops until around week 8. So I've been blood free for a week. I'm also on blood thinners, which extends my time to clot.

I still occasionally get sharp shooting pains from my rectum to the end of my penis. I also noticed that if I push to hard to urinate I will cramp.

Also, if I ingest too much salt before bed ---2 -3 hours, the salt will delay my ability to start a stream quickly. Instead of 5-10 seconds, its more like 30 seconds. That pattern continues thru out the night until the next day when I drink plenty of water to flush it out.

I am still getting up 2-4 time a night for bathroom breaks, which I'm not complaining about since I was getting up 8- 30 time per night post op.