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Post hemi-laminectomy nerve pain has increased.

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Thanks for the advice. I have started PT, but have only had 1 session so far. As I think I mentioned in my post, one issue that has gotten better, but has certainly not resolved is pain and spasms around my tailbone and sacrum area. Unfortunately the one session of PT that I had really seemed to flare that up. I was scheduled to have a caudal injection in that area, but my insurance denied it. I feel like I am going to be stuck with this pain. I did have an MRI of my sacrum and tailbone. The surgeon read it and said most things looked ok, but there were some degenerative changes in my SI joints, so he wants me to get an SI injection.

I don’t know if that will help or if insurance will even cover it.

I feel like I am going to be stuck with this pain forever.

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I think the injections can help but I never had much luck with them. I never had more than a few days of pain relief. I suspect the help they offer depends upon how significant your degenerative changes are. If they aren't very significant than the injections might help.
I found that if I did more exercises than I was asked to do during PT it would cause flare-ups a day or two after my session. Pay attention to how you feel while doing your physical therapy. I you are feeling stressed, stop or let your therapist know. They might be able to do some changes that will help you.
Did the insurance company explain their reason for denying the injection? You could have the request resubmitted or appeal the denial and ask for the diagnosis codes that were the reason for the denial. Your doctor's office could have used incorrect diagnosis codes when requesting the injection. I know you are probably feeling hopeless when it comes to pain relief. Don't give into that feeling. There is hope; you might need to try some other approaches. I did a lot of walking in a local pool with warm water (about 82 degrees). That will help strengthen the muscles around your lower spine and in the pelvic area. I would walk for 1/2 hour, do some other water exercises and then sit in a hot tub for about 10 minutes. Check with hotels near you to see if they rent out time in their pool. The heat will help your muscles relax and will give you some pain relief in the process.
With a degenerative spine, you will probably always have some level of pain, but you can learn to help control it. You just have to allow yourself time to discover what works for you.