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Starting all over

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Yes and no. All of my life I've gone through stages of epilepsy from Grand Mal to present Partial Complex, not to mention at least 2 migraines a week since the age of 13. Always being told no, or try this. When I began to take things into my own hands and lived in California at the time; I studied these things at Stanford Universities doctors library and learned a lot. Obviously with age, our entire system slows down in its operation and organ functions. There item one= medications have ability to stay in your system longer and create higher toxicity levels with less dosages. A CBC is most helpful in this sense, so as to see what blood deficiencies you may have as well as what supplements can help your medicine function more efficiently. Then of course, with the differentiation of our systems, some medications can only work for specified periods of time before raising them increases toxicity and over dosage. Example, in my case; "doctors had to change my medication at 6 year intervals, so as to avoid over dosage. Starting out with Dilantin and Phenolbarbital and moving to Dilantin and Mebaral, then Mesantoin, Trileptal, Carbamazapine, Tegretol, L?, tehen Keppra, Primidone, Mysoline and back to Carbamazapine eliminating Primidone entirely. Personally, I feel a lot has to do with ones body system and operation. In other words as we mature in understanding triggers and causes, thereby removing them from our life when possible; anxiety, stress, depression, etc. may not need as much medication to control the stability of our brain waves. Presently, at 77+ years, no seizures for up to 3 years, no migraines over 4 years; only bone pain from cancer and no fear since being put in Hospice a month ago.


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PS: I've lost 20 lbs. in less than 2 months and 2 1/2 inches around waist also--cancer


They noted a combination. Loss of appetite, even with Ensure, etc., loss of fluid intake (as fast as I took it in, Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 eliminated it. Also, my last CBC showed a low glucose reading. Glucose is necessary for proteins and minerals to bind too in doing their job in your body.


yes, I have blood draws a lot...my arms make me look like a needle addict.<br>Lisa Lach<br>

Ask them to use a butterfly needle, it's smaller and hardly noticeable when they use it.