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Starting all over

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I try to remember through all our trials, God strengthens us. I own my own Home Health Care Agency and my trials certainly keeps me humble. Helps us understand and treat our patients more effectively.

However I have recently developed severe fatigue, dizziness, debilitating muscle cramps, severe headaches, fainting spells, rapid heart rate (150's). I can hardly get out of bed. Went to ER the EKG however fast but normal sinus rhythm. All labs normal accept Sed rate, CPK and White blood count BUN & Creatine all significantly High. I feel like I'm drunk but trust me, I'm mot. Usually that indicates drug toxicity. Cardio says neuro problem and of course neuro says cardio issue. In the meantime I'm here lying in bed. I am not able to make the 6 hr drive to Mayo's in this condition. Need to get stabilize d so i can make it back.

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So final outcome. I have lost 43lbs so they had to reduce meds. TRILEPTAL reduced by 400mg & Labetalol by 400mg. Feeling much better.

Did the doctors state the loss of weight was due to your medications

My weight loss secondary to dumping syndrome. I have had severe vomiting of stomach bile for about 6 months. I was admitted to the hospital in April for 9 days severe abdominal pain and blood pressure of 200/140's. Rough month. But better now. Add Cholestyramine 30min before meals. Haven't thrown up in 2 months.