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Merkel cancer update

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Hello Lynn, I'm hoping this finds you well and having received good news regarding your PET scan on April 2nd. I'm also hoping your healing process from the 30 radiation treatments continues to improve.
Since our last communication I have had a CT scan and a PET scan. The CT scan must have caused some concern because it indicated a thickening of tissue in my throat resulting in the PET scan. I am thankful to report there was no sign of Merkel cells in the PET scan. I don't meet with my oncologist until next week to determine if my self diagnosis of fibrosis is correct.
I still haven't regained all my sense of taste but enough to maintain my weight.
The improving weather has me back on the golf course and hopefully you are enjoying the walks in the woods.
Take care and I pray all those dealing with Merkel cell cancer are hanging in there!

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Great news Roger. Glad your PET scan was clean. I’m slowing healing from the radiation treatments. Fatigue is still hanging around and my sinuses are slowing improving. Taste is weird. Some things are just fine and others taste terrible. It’s ok I can find things that taste ok. Chocolate doesn’t taste good. My Dr. said sometimes that is the last thing to return….can take up to 18 months. That’s ok too. Meeting with an oncologist who specializes in Merkel cell and immunotherapy tomorrow. He will eventually follow me. Have an apt with my surgeon next week. Not sure of the plan. My lacrimal tear ducts are not open so my eyes are constantly tearing. They are talking about reconstruction but I’m not ready for anything yet. lol. Thankful to be at this stage with radiation behind me. I have a scan the first of June.
Glad you are golfing. I’m getting my walks in most days. Got to see the eclipse this week. It was exhausting to travel but I’m so glad I went. It was amazing. Take care. God bless.