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Has anyone had a femoral / femoral bypass

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Welcome to Connect @judyhooper and @bareed.
Judy, I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. As you and @bareed state, a top-rated hospital and highly experienced surgeons are what you should be looking for. Should you wish to inquire at Mayo Clinic for a consult, please see the contact numbers on this page http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

@suzys16 @starshooter wrote about femoral bypass quite a while ago. Other members who may be able to give you some insight on care centers of excellence are @cynaburst @elsinann @gonefishinmt @predictable @lepadelford

Judy, are you willling and able to travel?

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yes I am willing to travel I live in illinois

Good to "see" you @judyhooper. I love it when people upload an image to their name.
How is your search going? Did you contact Mayo?

Hello! I don't know if this is what you're searching for, but my right femoral artery where the leg meets the body was replaced with, I believe it was, Dacron. During my aneurysm operation, the anesthesiologist noticed that blood wasn't flowing to the leg.

The fact that part of the femoral artery was replaced was news to me; on my six-month-after-the-aneurysm-operation checkup and MRI, the doctor stated that the femoral artery prosthesis looked fine. I said, of course, "The WHAT?!"
Well, it's still fine, 16 years later.

Happy to hear from you No I have not I see a doctor tomorrow to explain the test results and felt I would ask him for a referral to mayo ? Hoping in return no feelings hurt .what do you know about mayo have you been admitted ever there ? I thought I go to the on
e in minnesota also wondering if I should go to Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. Rank # 1...18 years in a roll. For Heart. tough decisions I must say


@elsinann your message came through blank. Would you mind sending it again?

what hospital did you have your surgery done ? God bless you 16 years is awesome 🙂