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Possible Sjogrens Disease

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I had a lip biopsy this week and it came back negative (blood work was negative also.). I have suffered with dry eyes for a long time. I guess it's not Sjogren's but just Blepharitis . Dryness worsened after Lasik surgery on eyes. I finally opted for for Punctual Plugs for eyes. So far so good. I use Refresh Optive Mega 3. These have helped the most. I use 1 vial a day. I also wash my eyes with Ocusoft foaming cleanser - Amazon. Then I follow with Hypochlorous spray on eye lashes while eyes closed. Started using Refresh PM ointment @ night after using Cequa. Then I apply the warm compresses for 4 minutes and my eyes feel great the next day. I think that's what Miebo does.

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Thankyou so much for responding!My dry eyes came on from either that iron Infusion or covid.I think it brought on more autoimmune or worsened my Hashimito's.Thankyou for all of the Grrat Suggestions!I am going to look them up now.The Xiidra just makes my eyes more dry and causes so much pain.

Thanks for the tips. I think people who are actually dealing with dry eye daily know the most about daily care. I’m going to try what you describe.

I’ve had 2 blepharoplasty surgeries and suspect they caused my condition. The first one (cosmetic only to remove skin and fat on upper and lower lids) was done quite a few years ago and then I had one (upper lift) performed in 2018 due to ptosis. Had tendon raised on upper lids. And a revision on the left eye, as it was too high initially. I didn’t have dry eye before my first surgery.