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Possible Sjogrens Disease

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Yeah, the prescription drop’s definitely hurt my eyes. I wish they didn’t. The cost of OTC drops and ointment is exorbitant. My best move was finding a gifted acupuncturist. He took me from despair and pain to a stable, almost normal status for several years. I still had to do the care routine daily, but I was comfortable. My ophthalmologist was shocked. She now tells her patients about my good experience. I never tried Lipoflow, since it’s expensive and not many people report it helps. I do intend to get plasma drops filled.

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I may gave to go back to an acupuncturist.I had so many issues at the very beginning of my illness,but I was going to a chiropractor and the acupuncturist at the same time.I did have some improvement.I was not sure who was helping,but I think it was the acupuncturist.You are not in Maryland are you?I was going to ask you the name of your acupuncturist.Whatever happened to me attacked my vagus nerve too and the acupuncturist was very familiar with the vagus nerve.Someone was telling me that Systane Complete worked for them during the day for their dry eyes and they applied an ointment at night.I guess I will have to try different things. The prescription eye drops are just too harsh.I am just so grateful to have insurance.I worked in healthcare,but had to stop working because I got so sick.All of these tests,procedures and treatments are so expensive.I would never be able to afford it.I never thought in a million years I would be so sick.I guess no one does.