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Possible Sjogrens Disease

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I’m so sorry you’re struggling. I too have had similar symptoms of inflammation on my body. I had a major surgery in April of 2022 and had 18” of my colon resected due to severe diverticulitis. In July of 2022 I began noticing deposits of fat on my upper arms where the jiggly fat is and my butt felt larger as I walked. I knew this was not normal, as I was practicing good eating habits before going on a family trip to Italy. It was noticed by my daughter in Italy who told me to go and see a doctor when we got home as she thought something was wrong with me. I saw my family doctor who I asked to have my Thyroid levels checked. To his and my surprise I was off the charts for both Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism. My numbers for Hashimoto’s was almost at 600 and they’re suppose to be 0! I began taking 100 mg of Synthroid and later my doctor added 5 mcg of Cytomel. I lost weight and was able to come off the Cytomel, as it was too much medication for me and I started leaning towards Hyperthyroidism. I’m stable now on my Synthroid. I’m wondering if you’ve had your blood levels checked recently. If you haven’t, you should and ask to have your TPO Antibodies checked again as the symptoms you’re having sound autoimmune to me. The dry eyes can be a sign of hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease or Sjogren’s Syndrome, all cause dry eye. Putting drops in your eyes won’t fix the problem if it’s autoimmune. I wish you luck on your health journey.

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Thankyou so much for responding!I have had hypothyroid disease for a long time and have been on 50 mg of synthroid,but my TSH was slightly elevated with my most recent test so my doctor did raise it to 75 mg.I am going to wait to start it until after my cushings disease on Monday.It is just so much inflammation in the upper arms and legs.My behind also is huge and I just do t have any support in my pelvis,hips or shoulders.I am 5'10 and normally around 160 pounds which is a normal weight.I am in my late 40's now.When I first became ill I was barely over 100 pounds because I could not eat and now I am over 100 pounds from what I should be.I can barely walk,but I am not eating enough to make me gain all of the weight I have.I do think this was triggered by the iron infusion or covid.The upper arms feel like bees are stinging them.I was Healthy before all thos came on and I am pretty much disabled now and no Doctor knows what is wrong.It is so frustrating.

I just looked up Cytomel because I did not know what it was.So your doctor used that in addition to synthroid?My endricinologist is checking for Cushings disease because of the massive weight gain,but I just wonder if this is all related to just my thryoid.