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Possible Sjogrens Disease

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I have had similar symptoms as you, but years ago. And, I had the muscle weakness first, then years later the dry eye. I have an appointment with Rheumatologist at Duke this summer for a Sjogrens eval. My labs are negative, but I haven’t had lip biopsy.

Years ago, my rheumatologist thought my muscle (stiff and weak) issues looked like polymyalgia rheumatica, but I was too young.

Do you treat your dry eye? I see a cornea specialist, as I also have Salzmann’s nodules. I do daily intensive treatment of warm compresses, scrubs, drops, and nightly ointment. I have also received relief from acupuncture.

I hope you can find some answers. It can be very stressful and painful,

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Thankyou so much for replying!I have had muscle weakness for years,but I always thought it had to do with already having Hashimito's.I will look into the polymyalgia Rhuematica.I take xiidra drops for my dry eyes now,but they are not helping. I might have to go to a new eye doctor amd start some of the treatments you are doing.I did take a Genetic test through my neurologist and something popped up that said variant of uncertain significance.It was for a couple Muscular Dystrophy type diseases including limb girdle muscular dystrophy.I am in my 40's.I just don't know.We don't have MD in the Family on either side,but maybe covid can bring something like that on.