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Surgery follow up visits

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When I went to see the second doctor I had a list written out I was trying to pull up something from another doctors office on my phone, so I handed him my paper and he said none of that on my list pertained to my back. My wife’s will be with me to push me in the wheelchair. I was laying here sitting on a cushion reclined in my recliner taking a nap I wake up to the whole outer half of my leg is numb and stinging and burning down to my knee. I have trouble passing gas when the tailbone is out of align I have to lean to get it out and if I’m tieng my shoe and pass gas bent forward like that it will shoot a stinging halfway up my back. Thanks for reaching out to me I will definitely update when I see the doctor!

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Well, how about another whole direction not to say the surgeon or physiatrist are wrong or out of the loop but two other groups might give a different perspective. You are having problems passing gas you are also in a wheelchair what about a visit to a gastroenterologist? This might accomplish two things. The digestive system involves the nervous systems to an extent greater than any place I believe except for the brain in the body please anyone correct me? If your spine isn't properly working after surgery this might be affecting something else. Since one thing you can identify is gas problems ask your PCP for a referral to one or find one on your own. The next is a pain management physician, not a physiatrist who if I am right ( of course I often am) deals primarily with the spine. They would look at pain and your overall situation from just a different direction, not meds but other medical areas that could also be addressed. I am also one who likes to look at doctors in your area and see who they are and where they came from. I grew up in the Northeast so believe it or not, if I have to choose between two doctors I have chosen those that have gone to undergraduate, medical school, or residencies in an area closest to the area I felt the best in my youngest years ( I'm 70 now) when I had the least concerns in my life and I could talk with them about the area. It takes my mind away from waiting 15, 20, 30 minutes in their office for a quick appointment, Believe it or not, I have talked about their vacations, kids, and other things, and on the internet, the information is there, and the insurance they take and you with a PCP you can ask for a specific doctor you do not have to take the one they refer you to as long as they are part of the insurance group you sadly are the one who has to do the work BEFORE you request so you can assure your doctor that it is OK. I have been on disability since I was 57 and have had to deal with HMOs, Medicare HMOs and PPOs all have their pros and cons. I have rambled -TAKE CARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!