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Surgery follow up visits

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@sbtheplumber1 - That's a lot and you have every right to be frustrated with your experiences. I remember all those post-surgical issues but not still there a year later...That's different.

I suggest you pre-write all your questions and take your list with you for your doctor meeting. I also suggest having a second person there to help make sure you hear and understand what's being said. That's a streesful meeting and I found it easy to mis-hear or mis-interpret what the doctor saying.

You should know more and maybe have a plan of action after your meeting next week. Set those two goals as your objectives. Best of luck!

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When I went to see the second doctor I had a list written out I was trying to pull up something from another doctors office on my phone, so I handed him my paper and he said none of that on my list pertained to my back. My wife’s will be with me to push me in the wheelchair. I was laying here sitting on a cushion reclined in my recliner taking a nap I wake up to the whole outer half of my leg is numb and stinging and burning down to my knee. I have trouble passing gas when the tailbone is out of align I have to lean to get it out and if I’m tieng my shoe and pass gas bent forward like that it will shoot a stinging halfway up my back. Thanks for reaching out to me I will definitely update when I see the doctor!