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Surgery follow up visits

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I know the doctors don’t want us reading but when I see even the Mayo Clinic saying feet numbness, testicle pain anal pain after the fusion is an emergency why the surgeon would say nothings wrong instead of saying let’s check you out or I’ll send you to someone else instead of nothings wrong go get a stimulator. My sacrum is so tender I can’t lay on my back with feet going numb, twist a little the pain goes to the testicles and anus. Since the surgery the tailbone keeps getting out of align and I have trouble with the bowels not moving until it’s realigned. You never know which nerves going to strike so I’m having to use a cane. When Walking there is so much pressure in my back like a nerve pinched I can’t stand, I haven’t walked in a store since my surgery April 17 last year. Does any of this sound familiar? I’m open for suggestions or if you have a question I’m going to see him next Tuesday

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@sbtheplumber1 - That's a lot and you have every right to be frustrated with your experiences. I remember all those post-surgical issues but not still there a year later...That's different.

I suggest you pre-write all your questions and take your list with you for your doctor meeting. I also suggest having a second person there to help make sure you hear and understand what's being said. That's a streesful meeting and I found it easy to mis-hear or mis-interpret what the doctor saying.

You should know more and maybe have a plan of action after your meeting next week. Set those two goals as your objectives. Best of luck!