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Post hemi-laminectomy nerve pain has increased.

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Thank you for the feedback! It is very helpful to hear from people who have been through this and come out ok.

I really like & trust my surgeon, but he acted like I would be all better in no time, Which, I was briefly after surgery.

I am getting a “caudal injection”next week in hopes of calming the inflammation and irritation down around my tailbone and sacrum. At the moment that is the worst part.

My intention is to start PT the following week. I spoke to the physical therapist and she agreed that I should wait until after the injection.

So what type of surgery did you have? How are you now ?

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@joelhoward1092 - Glad to help!

In Feb 2023 I have a C4-7 ACDF. (new decompression and new disks) then in May 2023 I had Lumbar decompression and disks L2-5.

It was a lot and I was out of action for quite some time. Just now becoming more physically active and I've even played nine holes a few times.

For me, the decision to have the surgery was based on a personal risk management perspective. There are risks in deferring surgery (additional injury, permanent nerve damage, etc) and there are risks of surgery (bad outcome possible, long recovery possible, etc). At present I'm much happier I had surgery than if I had continued to defer. But there are still some days...

The idea that some post-surgery swelling is putting pressure on your nerves - and that this inflammation should subside in time - makes sense. Hopefully, the injection does the trick.

Let us know how things go.