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Post hemi-laminectomy nerve pain has increased.

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Thanks to everyone who has commented.

They did not do a fusion, as the disc at that level was not herniated, but it was bulging.

Almost all symptoms were gone for 4-5 days post surgery, but now they are all back, along with some new ones.

I just had my 2 week follow up and reported most of this, but all they did was give me a prescription strength anti-inflammatory and refill my pain meds. Obviously I don’t want to take pain meds, but at this point I don’t think I have a choice. Plus, they don’t really help that much.

The surgeon is still going with the post surgery inflammation theory. Which I guess could be true, but it sure seems like something else is going on.

For those of you that have had similar surgery, was the post surgery inflammation a problem. I know I am early in the recovery process, but it is crazy to me that I was better for a few days and then everything came back.

Also, from the time I started having issues until surgery, was over 4 months.

I can’t help but wonder if this is now permanent nerve damage due to the elapsed time.

I appreciate any feedback from anyone with experience!

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@joelhoward1092 - Healing from almost every type back surgery has two frustrating aspects - in my experience.

#1 - Progress as you return to normal can be very slow. Pain levels may fluctuate up and down for quite some time and I was told to expect slow improvement for 9-12 months. So far - that time estimate has been spot-on.

#2 - Sometimes you unexpectedly take a step backward on the road to recovery. That can be very frustrating! Just when you think, "I'm so glad that is behind me..." - that pain or that symptom reappears for a while.

Have you tried some minor PT with a well-trained person just to see how that affects you?

I had the same procedure and things got much better right away. 2 weeks later heavy leg and foot pain started coming back quickly . Dr. said it was inflammation or residual pain that would go away. At 6wk pain was still getting worse so I insisted on a new MRI. It showed a "senovial cyst" and a pars defect fracture in L5 vertebra, both caused by the surgery. Doc said the cyst happens once in about 200-300 such surgeries. I ended up getting a 2 level fusion and L4 to S1. At 2 weeks I would say it could still be inflammation from the surgery but if it is like that in a few more weeks,especially if you are experiencing any weakness or drop foot I would insist on an MRI. The 4 month delay between surgeries left me with significant drop foot. Exaggerate your pain if you have to get a new scan. Most surgeons don't like to admit making a mistake and insurance may be reluctant to approve it, but they aren't the one's hurting or at risk of being disabled. In the meantime, there's no reason not to take at least the anti-inflammatory medicine. I've been prescribed Medrol dose packs after other spine surgeries that were very effective. I pray you get some pain relief and complete healing.

I haven’t had lumbar surgery yet, but I have had 4 upper cervical surgeries. On the last one, inflammation occurred 4-5 days after surgery, while I was still hospitalized. I got IV meds which are much stronger, so I imagine that's why it went away w/in a week. As the nurse explained to me, if you're in pain--take the pain meds. The stress of being in pain, does not help you. Give yourself time. Try p/t. The movement may make you feel better. If it hurts, tell them. They'll adjust what they're doing, or even apply heat & a massage. I hope you feel better soon. If not, there are pain mgmt. doctors too.