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I had the two shots given by one nurse, separated by 3 minutes (at my request and my allergist's), but the injections themselves cannot be slowed down. Maybe you are thinking of slow infusions for Reclast?

I had similar reactions to yours but they improved when I had them in my thighs.

My kid has type 1 diabetes so I knew that thigh injections are absorbed more slowly. If you react this way, I would avoid tummy for sure- the site of fastest absorption, for insulin anyway. And insulin is also subcutaneous in fat.

This kind of immediate "reaction" is not a "side effect." Side effects tend to be most intense around day 12 in my experience. I saw an allergist after my first injections . I hope you will see an allergist before going near Evenity again, if you ever do!

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Yes, I have my most-intense joint pain around day 10 after injection.
I have had 4 so far, and no change in that.
My pain is in my left shoulder and hip--not sure if it is in joint or in muscle--had severe injury to both from fa bad fall 15 years ago, which may or may not be related to current Evenity injections.
But fatigue seems to be lessening over the course of the shots.
#5 this week..
Good luck to you, Songbird, and to us all.

Thanks for your reply and information on best location for the injections.
I will request thigh injections, not the back of the arms. And certainly not a 1-3 minute injection.
I did have yet another face burnig/itching/extreme red blotchiness about a 1.5 weeks later. My face was burning so badly I placed an icepack on it.
With most of my Sjogren's flares, my face has these reactions, yet milder. I think the Evenity is causing the Sjorgen's flares, when involving my face, to triple. I had to resort to 5% lidocaine cream to deaden my face.