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Hi, I got my first set of shots a month ago and felt the same way. I kept passing out for a few minutes and then waking up and then passing out again. I was so tired for the rest of the day I couldn’t even make dinner that night. In the couple of weeks after that first treatment I would get bad bouts of exhaustion but I’ve been having those on and off anyway so I’m not sure what’s the Evenity and what’s something else going on with me. I get my second set of shots tomorrow. I’m 53 with very severe OP (4.1 spine, 3.5 hips). The other symptom I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing is aching joints. My back and knees hurt even before Evenity but now my hips hurt too and my knees hurt more. My back already hurt a lot so that’s about the same. I hope that’s helpful. I’m grateful to everyone who shares on here because this is kind of a scary experience and it’s so helpful to hear what others have experienced. I’ve always been in good health so this has been a bit of a shock. Wishing everyone well!

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Yes, I agree with you concerning the sharing of information.
I follow a Sjogren's blog started by a female physician (also with Sjogren's) and it has been a lifesaver. When a male physician gaslights another physician with the usual 'calm down, it's your nervous condition, no, that is NOT the cause' .... you realize Sjorgen's is a condition medical schools fail to teach. Now I find myself in the same boat with Evenity - a drug tested on healthy people and has a book (small print) on adverse effects.