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I went through a long period when I felt like this but I also would occasionally vomit. I believe in the end it was caused by acid reflux but I widely refuted that when I was told. I never had any symptoms of heartburn. I couldn't believe that it could cause such awful symptoms. I ended up going through 2-3 cycles of the OTC acid lowering drugs; each one is for two weeks. I also was given sucralfate and that was like a miracle drug. My GI said it's like a band-aid for the stomach. It started working almost immediately, first by just diminishing the intensity of the nausea and stomach upset. But all told it took quite a bit of time to completely go away. You might also ask about small bowel bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). That can present with similar symptoms. A big frustration with stomach acid or bile acid reflux is the time it takes to reduce the acid. I take Tums now from time to time because that is fast acting and even gas-x. I've suffered with my stomach and gut and so I really appreciate how awful this must be for you. Have you seen a GI for your issues?

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I am going through the same stomach issues, caused, I believe, by pain medication I was taking for a now gone muscle spasm in my back. Once I eat, It all goes away, but I do wake up in the morning with slight nausea. My doctor gave me a PPI and I was afraid to take it! I had been taking famotidine but thought I was all better and stopped.