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@michellecrcrn What a list! Searching for answers in itself must be very tiring, besides the fatigue caused by the symptoms and conditions you've listed. @jimana @uneeq1 @mojoearle @jillnc might you have some thoughts about other tests Michelle could investigate or what type of specialist she could see?

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Wow.  When I was in enough pain (hands and wrists and upper front arms) and had high fevers ar night only.  I went to my general Dr and said we need to figure something out.   I had already called another RA Dr for a second opinion as the first never gave me a diagnosis,  but stuck me on meds for 4 months (ran lupus, hep, aids, etc because I'd had 3 units of blood when I had my daughter).  Anyway Dr ran blood work, wbc was .5 over normal so she sent me to hemotologist.  She didn'tthunk I presented with signs of lymphoma,  but ordered a bunch of blood tests and a CT scan of my head to my abdomen.  Finally got in to the new RA dr and was diagnosed with sjogren's.  Reg Dr diagnosed the Hashimoto's.  Hemotologist did not see any cancer, but they saw dots on my lungs and with the fevers wanted me to go see infectious disease to rule out a fungal infection...3 weeks later I find out I have MAC.  I've also gone to see my upper gi dr and have an endoscope scheduled for next week as the CT scan indicated something with the esophagus too.  And RA is having me go see a pulmonary Dr (over a month wait for him) to make sure everything is being done for my lungs.  I would say my aches in hand/wrist and upper arms went away taking 5mg of prednisone given to my by RA dr to help while the plaquinell kicks in.  My right upper arm has started hurting again and not sure why.  Will ask my RA at my appt this month.  Guess I would suggest going to the Dr you feel is the most knowledgeable about what is going on with you and discuss options with them.  My reg Dr said in a few months if nothi g had been figured out she was going to send all my info to mayo clinic.   I also think the CT scan helped for me, besides bloodwork.  Get second opinions and if you don't feel good.. keep pushing the Drs.  You know what you should feel like and they only know what you tell them. Good luck, sorry for the long response.<br><br><br>