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@jdnc2023 As far as I know you cannot take Methotrexate and Folic Acid on the same day - and the Methotrexate dosage should not be split. If you are doing that, it could be the reason for your nausea … perhaps …?

At any rate, let your rheumatologist know that you have been tweaking your dosages, and also that you have been taking folinic acid as well. Changes and additions you make could prevent the Methotrexate from working as it probably should or could, perhaps …

I was on Methotrexate for psoriasis and it worked great, although it was about six months before I saw results. It was the only medication that worked for me finally but I had to go off it after three or four years on it, because I have fatty liver disease and apparently it is not good for me to be on this drug long term because it could affect my liver.

But you are so right about medications just creating other side effects while having no effect on the condition for which they are prescribed! Been there, with other meds!

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Hi there! My doctor advised splitting the Methotrexate dose 12 hours apart to hopefully help avoid or lessen nausea. He didn't tell me to avoid folate on dosage days, but I read this on my own and have not taken it those two days. I took 30 mg the day before, and this week my nausea was less and only lasted a day. It was lasting a week previously.
I feel like maybe the dr doesn't read the latest research and is using old protocol. I'm not going to disclose to him that I'm experimenting on my self. He was critical of me using CBD oil for pain, stating one study said it might harm the liver. I thought this was rich, considering he was prescribing a well-known liver damaging drug. 😬
That is a shame that you had to stop taking what was working. I think I read that injections would bypass the liver. Was that a suggestion?

Yea methotrexate (mtx) is hard on the liver. I kept trying to reduce mine enough to get my liver enzymes in check but had to stop pills and went to injectable form - but finally had to give up the drug altogether to protect my liver. ALT and AST were just too high. I was taking it as an adjunct to Enbrel so I just did without.

If you can’t tolerate the full
Dose of mtx in pill form, ask if you can switch to injectable. That helped me with the nausea.