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3 Month post SBRT PSA

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I started Orgovyx 9 days before my first SBRT. At that point my T was already down from 517 to 27.

I tolerated SBRT with very few problems. I was a little tired after the first fraction but I think that was more "emotion based" rather than actual treatment based. I had no side effects during the 5 SBRT fractions. I had a Barrigel spacer placed. I had some scant blood and mucous during bowels movements for three days after my final treatment, but that totally resolved within 5 days....to the point I went on a two week SCUBA trip in Honduras 2 weeks after my final SBRT. The only side effect with Orgovyx is mild hot flashes...about two per night. I purposely lost 8 pounds prior to starting Org and have kept it off. I hit the gym hard three days a week for two hours at a crack, I walk 18 holes of golf twice a week, I am watching calories, sugar and portions. My latest blood test did show a ____slight____increase in glucose and LDL. Those are known possible side effects of Org.
I am telling you Brother....if you get along as well as I have with SBRT and Org then we BOTH are truly, truly fortunate.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Stay Strong Brother.

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Thank you my younger brother! I will post it here my journey regularly, so we can all learn from each other even though we may experience different bumps along the way.

RP 10 years ago
NM invasive
Psa began to rise to 3.6 8 years ado
Psma showed 3 pelvic lymph nodes.5 SBRT
Psa in 6 months .6
1 year later psa .8
Psma one new lymph node, precious 3 resolved
Started Orgovyx 2 weeks ago so far no side effects
SBRT likely end of April at ucla