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I was a stage 2 in September 2022 and had surgery at which point DNA was done on some of tissue they extracted. I’m still not clear if KRAS mutations can be found in blood work for those who weren’t able to have surgery. I also have a variant of base 40 in the ATM gene, and a mutation of TP53. I had 12 rounds of 5FU chemo after surgery and a CA19-9 of 6. 4.5 months later during my first quarterly checkup my CA19-9 was rising eventually to 3840. I got an MRI (thanks to sharing of treatment history by markymarkfl); as previously my CT s and PET scan showed nothing but soft tissue that were taken for scar tissue. The MRI showed exocrine metastasis to liver with 2 lesions small in size. In January 2024 I started GAC chemo complex and my ca19-9 is decreasing and 1 liver lesion has shrunk and the other disappeared. I hope this information helps. My plan when chemo no longer becomes effective is to enter a clinical trial.

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Praying my husband's liver lesions shrink with the chemo regimen he is on now
thank you for your information