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@lesleighjarrett I was only put on this nasal spray for 6 weeks<br>after my latest compression fracture at T6 level. ladyjane85<br>

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Did you have any side effects while on the nasal spray? Were you on another bone med after the spray? How's the healing of the fracture? Mine is over 5 months and not healing fast.<br><br>L<br>

@lesleighjarrett No side effect to the nasal spray, and I am one who<br>reacts to most meds. I cannot take anything<br> for my heavy back pain. My latest compression fracture was in early Feb,<br>and I felt it badly at T6 level causing me to cry some.<br>I saw my neurosurgeon too late to warrant putting in the cement method. It<br>is hard to get appts. Now 3 months out that area of<br> my back starts heavy pain if I do anything physical for 10 minutes. But my<br>lumbar is fused w/rod and screws twice. I have had<br>30 years of pain, bec no epidurals have helped and tried every med they<br>could come up with. I try to do bed exercises for core<br>strength, and just finished some PT with the electrodes in positions for<br>heavy but different vibrations to the back and then he<br> massaged my many scars, tight muscles, and knots of pain. It feels good at<br>the time. I am sorry your fracture is still so bad<br>5 months out - could be the age of our old bones - mine just turned 86.<br>Hoping drs can help you...... ladyjane85<br><br> Bones, Joints and Muscles<br><br>

Haven't tried this option. I'm, also, very sensitive to chemical drugs. Am wondering if this could help my lower back pain that is unbearable at times.