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Are we out of treatment options?

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I am so sorry and I totally understand your fears. Can I ask what her diet looks like? Lots of research has been done concerning cancer fighting superfoods. My son researched pineapple for school and said it help fight cancer, so I researched it and he was right! Also dandelion root… I guess in conjunction with the chemo these things can be added in and to not upset her you can eat them too and support her that way. A lady I know thru work shrunk her tumors drastically with raw garlic daily and no chemo or radiation. 87 yrs old. Your wife is trying to stay positive because to not be would be the end. I had no idea how much stress contributes to cancer growth. It’s crazy. I have stage 3c and the aggressive kind so same “brand” as her. I was allergic to the Oxaliplatin and only got 2 rounds of that. I won’t get a CT scan til May because they say increased radiation can compound and cause more cancer. So we are limiting my exposure . I have had 3 different types of cancer so I guess I am prone. I try to put thoughts of having it to the back burner so my stress stays low. Its hard. I am glad she has a supportive husband! That’s a big help! Huge! Support is essential. My church has been a great one for me as well as a group of friends and my sister and dad. Prayers cards and just getting me out to keep depression at bay. My doctor would not discuss timelines with me. They don’t want that to be afocus. I did meet a lovely gentleman during chemo with colon cancer stage 4 who had been doing chemo for 2 yrs and lost tons of weight. He said would be on chemo for the rest of his life. I pray your wife has the time you both need to find peace and make some more memories. Faith. Family. Friends. Food. Forgiveness. Fortitude.

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That’s very enlightening. Best wishes to you in your journey.

Thanks. My husband has stage 4 colon spread to both lungs. 2 years of chemo. Just trying to make memories.