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I was recently on paxlovid for getting COVID (the third time) and felt better than I have in years. It lasted about 10 days. That was a clue there could be a viral component. My primary care doc thinks that the five days of paxlovid was like taking a partial course for strep--didn't clear whatever virus it was acting on enough, so it just came back.

After the paxlovid experience I insisted on getting tested for EBV, CMV, HH6 and parvovirus. My EBV IGM was positive. In my deep dive since then I've discovered that doctors have different thresholds for what constitutes positive. I am seeing a specialist next week who thinks I have all four of these viruses reactivated based on my EBV IGM and high IGGs for the others. Like you said, misinterpretation of test results is a huge problem with EBV in particular.

I was only able to access a brief dose of famvir. Started Truvada but it made me hella sick. Check out the Drosu study about EBV that shows tenofovir drugs (e.g. Truvada) are way more effective than valtrex, famvir, etc.

I'm also doing high dose vitamin C IVs. See "Effect of high dose vitamin C on Epstein-Barr viral infection." (sorry, this site won't let me add links.)

You also might want to check out William Pridgen's studies on valtrex/famvir + celebrex. He's been doing trials for 10 years and has a patent. His theory is that reactivated herpesviruses (e.g. EBV and VZV) cause a host of issues such as long covid, IBS, alzheimer's. You can find more info on the Virios website (his company). Also, end of last year he did a pilot adding 15 days Paxlovid to the valtrex+celebrex combo with amazingly positive results.

What's the name of your doc?

I think paxlovid holds a lot of promise. How were you able to get it?

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Hi Sarah,
Great info, thanks!

Yeah, definitely lab interpretation is very skewed by docs who aren’t chronic disease specialists. Most just see high IgG and say that’s an old infection. My ID doc explained it really well saying IgM is high with acute infections and then IgG starts to kick in. IgG over like 500 is considered reactivated and IgM 200+ is considered reactivated.

I’ll check out tenofovir and keep in my back pocket to ask about if valacyclovir doesn’t work.

Interesting about valtrex/famvir + celebrex. I personally can’t take nsaids due to allergy. But I’ll check him out!

I got Pax via a doctor who I know personally. He wasn’t comfortable doing it but agreed to assist me until I could get into my LC ID doc.

I will say I got a little nervous taking it so long because I was having GI distress like diverticulitis and my gut is still trying to recover after stopping 5 weeks ago. It’s getting better being off of Pax. Also my ID doc was concerned about lack of safety data for long durations. She also thinks it was mainly the Ritonavir that helped me the most and I agree. So maybe something to the tenofovir.

It’s good to have more info to discuss with my doc.

I’m being seen at Centers for Complex Diseases. They only see people who live in California or Washington. You have to send a bio for them to vet if they can see you then it’s like 6 months before getting in…

Thanks for sharing all your deep dive info!