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What did your vitamin supplement and infusion therapy consist of?

I too have EBV VZV and mast cell issues. Going on 4+ years now…

I’m super interested to know what supplements and therapy lowered your EBV and mast cells?

I’ve been reading research on herbal antivirals such as quercitin derived from licorice and resveratrol for EBV.

I’m on Valacyclovir day 2 so no difference yet.

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My infusions were high dose vitamin C with other additives. I’m sorry but I no longer have the sheet with the info on the exact infusion. I think similar to Myers Cocktail. Then I had a “neuro” infusion that was mostly B vitamins. I also had Ozone infusions. As with everything related to LC, I can’t say what may be the reason my numbers look a little better. I’m not on infusions now, because I really didn’t FEEL any better.
When I see my doctor again we will discuss the new lab findings. He may want me to resume some of my treatments.
Someone asked who the doctor is.
I go to an Integrative Medical Group in Temecula California and I’ve seen a few doctors in the group. It’s a long wait to get an appointment, and I cannot yet say what my outcome will be. I will say that they are all caring, and respectful. I’m hopeful that I may get better. (Some days). Lol

I’m also interested in longer term Paxlovid. It has never been suggested for me. I saw that some people got help from Acyclovir, which I had, so I took that for a few weeks without doctor supervision. It made no difference for me.