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I had my laryngoplasty 3 years ago last week by an ENT in Houston. She used basically medical grade Goretex. I was checked by an ENT in my retirement home town a couple months ago and there was no mention of atrophy, just shifting of the other cord. I also completed a month of LSLV speech therapy a few weeks ago and there was no problem with function noted. My PD is also relatively minor at this time and pretty well controlled by 3 Sinemet daily.


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Thanks for the information, Steve.  I’m glad to hear that your PD is easily controlled as well and that you are not having problems with atrophy on the surgically repaired vocal cord.  I usually use 1 or 2 low-dose Stalevo each day and 1 Sinemet.  The Stalevo makes the carbiopa/levodopa last a little longer.

You are welcome, Theresa. We learn from each other. My PD specialist is moving to Houston and when I meet the new one in the next few months I’ll ask about Stalevo. What is your Sinemet dosage? Mine is 25/100.


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