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Good question @jbell22. By adding the @ symbol and a member's username, that member will receive an email notification to join the conversation - like you did with this message because I @mentioned your username.

I'm tagging a few more members who may insight into your questions about damaged vocal cords and a vocal cord implant. @ggopher has had a vocal cord implant, and @hopeful33250 and @jennybell talk about paralyzed vocal cords in the discussion thread https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/i-had-a-egd-and-the-doctor-noticed-some-resistance-that-he/

By your having started this thread, hopefully other people who have had surgery to correct the aorta compressing their trachea will also join the discussion.

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My laryngoplasty was needed for a weak left cord assumed caused by the Epstein-Barre virus I had a year earlier. It worked well for 3 years and now the other cord appears to be an issue. But now I know I have Parkinson's so I can't swear what is causing what but the reinforced side seems OK.<br><br>Steve

<br>There is a theory that the EB virus is responsible for the dysautonomia I suffer from. The normal range for the EB virus is<br>0-17. My blood work shows I am 507. I wish the scientists would pursue this. <br><br>Thanks. <br>

Steve:  Your history of vocal cord surgery and PD was intriguing.  I also have a very mild case of PD (mostly non-motor symptoms) but have a completely paralyzed vocal cord and had the laryngoplasty surgery at Cleveland Clinic where a silastic implant was put in the paralyzed cord.  I'm beginning to experience a bit of atrophy in that cord, now.  It mainly affects the volume of my voice however swallowing, other aspects of speech are all still good.  You do not mention how long ago  you had the surgery, mine was 2 years ago.  Have you had any problems with atrophy?  <br><br>