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Frustrated by zero results

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Thanks so much for your reply. I hope the doctor will try something else soon. I'm on 15mg of methotrexate now. I may have about 20% less swelling in my fingers, but my feet seem to be worse, and my left knee and right shoulder are sore. I have visible joint damage in all fingers and feet. My left index finger has been twisted for several years and some middle knuckles are collapsed.
I'll be on Medicare in August.
I hope they don't make me start at square one before allowing a different medication. I can handle the pain pretty well with CBD oil, but the stiffness is bothersome. I also have erosive osteoarthritis in every single joint closest to the fingernails and osteoarthritis in my spine and base of my thumbs. They say there's nothing that will help those. It is frustrating that I'm no better off than before diagnosis and now I have nausea and fatigue from the medication.

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15 mg -how often? Pills or injected? Doesn’t matter - I’ve done both so just curious.

You need an RA with guts to tell insurance, including Medicare - that you already have joint damage because you were not diagnosed and not properly medicated for decades. And that certainly there will be more if you don’t get on biologics.

What part of the country are you in. I have lived in a lot of them and may be able to recommend one.

And yea a lot of us have RA also have osteo. Sux.