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Are we out of treatment options?

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I will look into those. Thank you. I guess I am just surprised that with all of our medical knowledge and research that has gone on the last 50+ years, it boils down to 3-4 approved therapy options that are all 50% or less effective. Realizing we found this late in the game, I was just hoping for more options and obviously a better outcome. Being a data scientist myself some of the papers I have read are unbelievable and I feel that if more people knew, we would be doing a lot more to help those afflicted with Cancer.

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As a lung cancer survivor of only 10 months, and as a data hound with a bit of a medical background, you can appreciate the deep dive I’ve done on treatments in general and specific challenges. To be sure there have been remarkable advances with genetics and immunotherapy and other targeted treatments. But there are still gaps. Leaving funding challenges aside - not to imply it is immaterial - it’s a really painstaking process to run out a ground ball in pursuit of a novel treatment that doesn’t instead kill the patient. Or do nothing at all. And it’s oh so rarely a home run. It’s years on years of ground balls. A lot of that time spent is thanks to the exacting standards and trial after trial. I think that there is perhaps an opportunity for process efficiency with centralized early processes that every developer could utilize - but the pharmaceutical companies are very turf sensitive.

All to say it’s maddeningly slow. I was sooo encouraged with the MRNA approach. Take years to build the engine and then you only need dna of the virus and an hour to make a protein that is shaped exactly like the virus and bolts onto the engine like a universal belt - and tells our immune system to seek anything that looks like this - and destroy it. (Okay maybe an hour is a stretch - but not by much!)
I just think that long term cancer treatments will be hyper individual and more like plug and play than reinventing the wheel every time.

None of which helps today. And I am so sorry for what you and your wife are enduring. Have you reached out to a premier cancer center like MD Anderson or a Memorial Sloan Kettering to see if you could ask for a consult?