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@jimhd - Oh wow! Jim...I'm sorry to read about your completely unexpected challenge after what was to be a minor surgery.

May I ask what the doctor/s have said is the reason / cause of the degraded tissue leading to a rupture in your Achilles tendons? This must be a concern and focus for the medical team, not to mention you.

I can relate to what you say about "knowing it isn't forever should help", but when we're in the middle of it (this is true for me, and others I've been told), time sort of suspends and doesn't seem to move along at its "normal" pace. Kudos to you for even suggesting you need to work on patience and waiting gracefully - I suppose in a way, what choice do we have when in the middle of something? But I also believe (for me) that it is very important to acknowledge the facts of the situation, its impact on your state of mind (as well as physically), in order to move through and beyond it, eventually. It's also important for me that those closest to me know and appreciate its impact (so I feel "seen" - so essential to my life experience), otherwise I tend to feel subject to dismissiveness.

Maybe I've gone further on this than is your experience currently; if so, also completely respect that. Just want you to know I "see" your experience and acknowledge it wholeheartedly.

Thanks for your posting too.

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Thank you for your wise words.
It is indeed important to be seen.

Levofloxacin is what caused the tendon problems, a known side effect, though extremely rare. It's now on my drug allergies list. The orthopedic surgeon suggested a non-surgical approach, with an expected healing time of 4 weeks. At 3 months they still haven't healed, so surgery is the next step.