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New biomarker Claudin 18.2

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Hello @markymarkfl
I haven't heard of the CHEK2 mutation until now; at least it doesn't seem to be a triple threat for pancreatic cancer from what I've read, and that's fantastic! I would agree with you that a tissue test would be more sensitive than a blood test when testing for DNA sequences.
Also, from my readings it appears that the ATM accelerates the effect of the KRAS12-D gene. If you eliminate the KRAS12-D gene, I wonder if that makes the ATM gene somewhat ineffective? Once my GAC chemo stops working, hopefully there will be a KRAS12-D clinical still open for which I can register; my 2 oncology drs. haven't expressed any interest in providing me any type of radiation. I feel pretty good these days, even did my 2 mile walk again which I haven't done since last December, just sold our house for cash offer, and am busy preparing for phase 2 of my life; beginning my bucket list just in case those clinical trials don't coincide with my journey. I hope and pray that a cure is found soon! Good luck and please let us know of your progress!

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KRAS, CHEK2 and ATM are entirely different pathways. The RAS/KRAS pathway of cell signaling is involved with cell growth and proliferation. CHEK2 and ATM serve different functions regarding DNA.

PARP inhibitors such as Olaparib, Rucaparib and Niraparib are being looked at in ATM and CHEK2 mutations.

KRAS G12D has a number of targeted therapies in clinical trials presently including MRTX1133, HRS-4642, and RMC-9805. Eli Lilly has a vaccine targeting KRAS in a phase II trial called ELI-002. The AMPIFY-201 trial is also looking promising.

Just above the G12 variations in the cell signaling path for RAS/KRAS/RAF/MEK/ERK is the RAS gene which serves as a master ON/OFF switch for cell growth and proliferation. The mutation causing uncontrolled growth causes the switch to be stuck in the “ON” position. There are a couple of trials for drugs considered a “pan” KRAS targeting small molecule drug designed to turn the RAS Master switch to OFF. RMC6236 and RSC-1255 are two trials underway.