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@verol65 Thank you for posting this article (that you provided as a gift) to our members. I read this article and the statistics are pretty frightening. I had my first colonoscopy at age 50 (in the year 2002) when the guidelines first changed to include my age group. I had to badger my insurance company to pay for the colonoscopy, with my doctor's help, at the time. Now the guidelines are changing again to include younger people and it's evident that colorectal cancer is disproportionate across ethnic groups. The NY Times article include all of this. It's important information.

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I've added an excerpt to include ethnic and other factors.

I commend you for fighting for the insurance to pay for your first colonoscopy. I live in Mexico, where insurance companies do nothing for preventative care. They won't pay for a colonoscopy if you don't already have a cancer diagnostic. They won't pay for a mamography if you don't have a cancer diagnostic. They're not pro-active at all. Some large corporate employers have now included an annual check-up for their personnel, starting at a certain level in the corporate hierachy.