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I had double mastectomies in 2015 and bone loss from aromatase inhibitors (did you do an AI?). I have a lupus diagnosis and very high anti-centromere antibodies (scleroderma) but basically a wonky immune system. I am sensitive to everything: scents, paint, new rugs, medications, foods. My diet is somewhat limited. But this predated cancer and I believe it started with Lyme treatment in 2001. I am also very EMF sensitive after an electric shock that sent me to the hospital.

Mast cell activation is an interesting idea. Three docs think I have eospinophilic esophagitis.

I got lobar pneumonia with fever of 104 from oil paint being applied in the vestibule of my house, and another pneumonia from a few moments with a new carpet. A housemate's cologne sent me to the ER with vertigo and continuous vomiting. People don't understand that it isn't that I "don't like smells"!

Are you getting any treatment or have you found anything that helps? And for your bones, are you taking medications? That is challenging for people like us. I did Tymlos because I could start very low and work up. I am now doing Evenity and struggling with effects. For cancer I did brand name letrozole after reacting to every generic for every AI. I do well with TEVA meds. I am sensitive to almost every med for pain which is unfortunate!

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I also am allergic to everything that outgases: rugs, cars, stores that gave plastics, my church's new addition...we are very much alike. Sorry, because I know how much it sucks:(