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Anxiety/Depression after spinal fusion surgery

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I am having concerns and I haven’t had the lumbar surgery yet. My surgeon has warned that it’s a Very big deal, and seems reluctant to do it. He did an epidural 4 mos. ago that offered Some relief. Trouble is, I’ve have previous spinal surgeries, and had to learn to walk again at 40. I recognize nerve issues and don’t want to wait so long, I’m near death again. I’m late 60’s now, there’s not going to be a “good time” to do it. I joined this group to see what others experienced. @upstatephil I think you’re right. Doctors get focused on the logistics and don’t spell it out for patients, what to expect post surgery.

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@4petesake - Good morning. I respect that your doc is describing lumbar work - especially multi-level work - as a Very big deal. It is and I don't believe I was as fully prepared for the long and sometimes arduous recovery phase. Setting your expectations correctly ahead of time might reduce some of your post-surgical apprehensions.

Some questions for you...Do you have surgery scheduled already? What is planned? What type of surgeon are you talking to? Why is he reluctant to do the lumbar work? Has he actually verbalized and articulated why he has some reluctance?

20 questions for first thing in the morning! Keeps you on your toes.

My Neurosurgeon has talked about spinal fusion from the first appointment I had. Since that time I’ve gone to a different clinic and had an ablation, steroid shots, weeks of PT, and a nerve block. None of these have had any success. In fact my pain is worse now but I don’t blame those procedures on it, but I’m getting nowhere. Now another Doctor who is a friend of mine recommended a local chiropractor who specializes in spinal decompression using some sort of computerized medieval rack. He seemed to think that that therapy could help me immensely over time. He’s thinking an hour or so a week for about 15 weeks. I’m starting that procedure on 3/29 so I’ll let you know how it goes.

The only thing that four orthopedic doctors, PAs and therapists degree on, is that my entire lumbar region looks like an Atom bomb hit it. And they’re shocked that I never played football or jumped out of airplanes. I did have a bad motorcycle wreck about 50 years ago, but I can’t believe that that accident is just affecting me now.

Your all’s thoughts?