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@deb6858mom Wow, you’ve got a lot on your hands! Your mom’s 92 yr old partner may be just as confused and upset by all that is happening around him. Making such a phone call is probably beyond him. I made a call to 911 several weeks ago and it was nerve wracking! They talk to fast and ask lots of questions and i could barely hear them. And I’m not 92!
Have you given any thought to having your mom in a memory care unit? Maybe the partner’s family could work with you so they could both go to a safe place. Is that somethng you could think about?

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Well, after talking to the doctor and the neurologist, they seem to think this is a mimic dementia caused from the UTI she had in February and now from her not taking Thyroid medication (she had her thyroid removed when she had thyroid cancer). I was able to get all her thyroid medication set up along with her blood pressure, meds, and anxiety meds. So the neurologist has asked us to wait six more weeks to get retested waiting for the thyroid meds to get in her system to see if it helps. And so far within just a few days, she was already doing better… She has a while to go, but I see an improvement already. Her Home Health Care team has really helped out and she has three more weeks of that and hopefully will get recertified. If not, then I will have hospice care coming in to help her.

She actually is doing better… After taking her to the neurologist, and after getting her back on her lifetime needed thyroid meds that she had not been taking and after getting her UTI cleared up she is starting to do better with her memory. She has a ways to go, but we will be going back to the Neurologist at the beginning of May and see how she’s doing compared to her first visit. The Neurologist felt that most likely from her not taking her thyroid medication and just getting healed up from the UTI that possibly this is a mimic dementia. If she is still having memory issues, but is doing better he will give her something to tweak her memory and help clear up the brain fog; and if this is dementia the prescribed memory med will slow down the process. Home Health Care has been a blessing and hopefully they will recertify her next week and if not, then I will be getting hospice care requested for three times a week until she is able to take care of herself better. And yes, I have had to ambulance a few times and it is very nerve-wrecking… If I had not called an ambulance twice now, she may not be here today.