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Loss of voice after lung surgery

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Hello Dex, Vic83 and Patti!
Issue is real. Lower Lobectomy Nov 2023 I am 4 Months post Surgery, I sound like a long shoreman, gravelly, low tone, Horrible! Nothing reminiscent of a female voice. I was told by my ENT it was a partially paralyzed Vocal cord from the Vats when taking my Lymph nodes. He also said it could take 12 to 15 Months with an 80% chance of it returning. The Two options given if we choose not to wait it out are Restylane injections into our vocal cords ( Ouch!) once a month or Surgery whereby they insert a pacer of sorts so the cords can again vibrate off each other. Yes to liquids going down the wrong pipe especially if I forget and try to talk while swallowing and sometimes food gets stuck, no gag reflex it's an unexpected side affect when taking Cancer in stride and getting such a resolution as the Vats Surgery. I count my blessings and realize it could be worse but it is frustrating having to fight to be heard in a noisy Restaurant or Room. I Talk for a living and don't feel as effective making a point sounding like this, If anyone has any other suggestions or experiences that may help, I would appreciate hearing them. All the best to the others afflicted with the same issue and Blessings to your Health Journey. ~ Jody

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Hi Jody (@jjy), Welcome to Mayo Connect, I'm glad you found us. I hope this condition improves for you over time. Have you been offered any vocal therapy, or does your doctor think this wouldn't be effective?


I had 2 VATS in 2020 on each lung and it took 3 years to get my normal voice back. Hang in there…..it will take time. 🙏🏻