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Anxiety or long haul covid

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Okay, I was on lexapro for around 12 years until I got covid. So I after I got covid I went to my doctor, because I was so fatigued at the time, and I didn’t know what was wrong. She said that maybe lexapro stopped working, she said maybe I should try another antidepressants,( I was leery at the time because I didn’t want to, but I gave in and , that started the spiral of around 7-8 different antidepressants that didn’t work) anyway went back on lexapro, but it didn’t work. Every other antidepressants I tried my ears would buzz within 1day to 2weeks after starting??. So I’ve tried everything. The psychiatrist. Gave me Ativan as needed, she told me to take every day, well I tried to take it as needed, So did you have an adrenaline? Rush like how did it feel? Mine feels like I’m going a hundred miles an hour?, do you think talk therapy helps on the anxiety? And overall. Thank you

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My adrenaline rush episodes started after covid. Background: I’m diagnosed with post covid syndrome. I have multiple symptoms, but one of my worst was smell/taste disorder. I ended up at neurologist for fasciculations and neuropathy symptoms. But, he says not neuropathy. He prescribed my meds, as well as Gabapentin, which I couldn’t take, due to vision distortion, but did help. Have you tried it? It made me feel wonderful. I loved it. But, my vision was very blurry and that was not acceptable.

I read that a lot of people with Long covid describe it as shaking in the inside. For me, it’s more like a big rush. High intensity on the inside. I had panic attacks many years ago, but addressed them and haven’t had one in almost 20 years. But, these new episodes are different. They feel more like a physical force, not a mental thing. I guess it is a fight or flight response. They can emerge usually when I am preparing to do something , but not always.

However, whatever it is, I’ll treat it. They started along with my other post Covid symptoms. They have decreased a lot since I started talk therapy. I discuss everything with him, including relationships, but my main focus is anxiety and health anxiety. I have my share of long standing issues like type 1 diabetes that can be stressful.

My talk therapy is the most helpful thing I have done for myself…..perhaps in my life. Acupuncture helped me a lot too a few years ago with s separate issue. I have tried therapy on a limited basis over the years, but the right therapist is the key.

Sorry you couldn’t find a med that works for you. I’m afraid I don’t know much about that. My therapist says it is a matter of finding the right dose or combination of meds.