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Anxiety or long haul covid

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I’m going to go to talk therapy in a week, are you able to take antidepressants

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Well….I probably could. And, I will if I have to. It’s just that I am concerned with A) Side effects. And B) Withdrawal. I’ve probably read too much about both. But, it concerns me. I already take quite a few prescribed meds, vitamins and supplements.

I have a prescription for Lexapro, but haven’t started it. I think my anxiety symptoms have improved with talk therapy. We discuss it in our sessions and if I will need to take it. I also have a prescription for Klonopin to take on an as needed basis. I take it very cautiously. In 4 months, I’ve only taken about 4 pills. I half the low dose.

I haven’t ruled it out, but I hope it can be avoided. My adrenaline rush episodes have decreased and I am able to recognize them now. I’ve learned techniques like tapping to address them.

How do you feel about meds?